Seasons of Change: What’s New for Spring
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Ah, spring. Longer daylight hours, warmer afternoons, the start of baseball season. Although it may still feel like winter in certain parts of the country, one thing’s for sure: spring will be here sooner than we think. And with this new emerging season comes spring fashion, swinging like a mighty sartorial pendulum, knocking over parkas and steamrolling heavy wool socks to make way for what’s new.

It’s our styling team’s job to make our fashion photography pop, and researching trends is also part of their day-to-day. We sat down with our stylists to get their take on what 2017 spring fashion trends a guy should know about as the days warm up.

Ronald, Stylist - For men, I’m most excited about new silhouettes. We’re kind of slowly going away from skinny jeans. I mean, skinny jeans will always be around in some respect, but we’re getting away from that and going toward a more wider-leg pant for men.

Kenyatta, Stylist - I’ve been seeing a lot of sportswear being integrated into menswear. For a while, people wouldn’t wear things with big logos on them, but that’s coming back around. Brands like Supreme and Nike are playing a big part in that. Somewhat along those lines, Supreme recently did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. What we’d see in the past is this trickle-down effect with luxury brands; they’d do something and then everyone else would follow their lead. But now, instead of a trickle down, it’s more of a trickle up, with the streetwear and sportswear being the influencer instead. I like that. Some people see luxury as this far-flung thing, or as a status symbol, but when it’s presented in collaboration with something else, it’s much more attainable.

Scott, Assistant Stylist - Prints! We’re seeing ‘60s-inspired prints, stuff that’s upcycled, a mix of modern cuts and fits and material, but the print has an elegant, vintage feel to it. I’m also seeing the clash of street and high-end brands. A lot of high-end brands are syphoning up elements of street culture. Gucci, Balenciaga, they’re lifting little accents from street culture, like souvenir jackets and street clothing, and doing their own version.

The best part about trends is that in the end, it’s still up to you. Some of these changes are due to seasonality, others reflect a slower, but more broad shift in fashion’s mindset, and this spring is no exception. So have fun with it. When you go with what feels right, you’ll never go wrong.