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Clevair Wearable Purifier + Interchangeable Mask System

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Product Description

Designed with revolutionary Clean Air Technology, the CLEVAIR Mask is an advanced, wearable purifier unit that works with a set of 3 reusable, interchangeable, 6-layer masks to filter 99.5% of airborne viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen, allergens, smog, and microorganisms. CLEVAIR's variable speed fan ventilates CO2 out and replaces it with cool, fresh air purified using ultraviolet sterilization technology.

Inventor and founder Ben Azoulay developed the initial technology and product in response to challenges faced in his real estate development business. After being hospitalized twice due to extreme HVAC working conditions with dangerous airborne particulates, Ben decided to create a viable solution for adequate protection inspired by the UV sterilization devices he and his team installed into high-end air conditioning units for air purification. The result was a compact, wearable device that actively purifies the air coming in to and out of the mask while ushering out stale CO2 during exhalation.

The CLEVAIR purifier features a USB rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous use per charge. The 3 included masks are hand-washable and reusable, complete with a silicone anti-fog nose piece for extra comfort.

Note: Before purchasing, please check with local guidelines and recommendations to see if this product is suitable for your intended use.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack, White, Denim
  • Materials
    Silicone Nosepiece, Anti-static Non-woven Fabric Mask
  • Measurements
    4"L x 1"W x 6"H
  • OriginChina

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Provides +99.5% Filtration of Microorganisms & Air-borne Pathogens
— UV-C Light Sterilization Technology For Both Inhaled & Exhaled Air
— Variable Speed Fan Removes CO2, Maintains Comfortable Temperature, & Prevents Moisture Build-up
— Interchangeable, Hand-washable, & Reusable Masks Provide 6 Layers of Protection
— Overhead Straps
— Silicone Anti-Fog Nose Piece For Extra Comfort
— Up To 6 Hours Of Use Per Charge
— 4 Light Battery Indicator
— Quick Recharge With Included Charging Cable
— Ozone Free
— One Size Fits Most

Technical Details
— Filtration Unit Cover Material: ABS Plastic
— Mask Material: Filter Cotton, Hot Wind Cotton, Non-Woven Fabric
— UV Wavelength: 260-280 nm
— Two Fan Speeds: Medium Power, High Power
— Battery Type: Rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion
— Battery Capacity: 500mAH
— Charging Cable Type: Lightning USB Cable
— Charging Time: 1 Hour
— Run Time On Full Charge: 5-6 Hours
— Rated Voltage: DC 5V
— Storage Temp: 39°-86°F
— Operating Temp: 14°-113°F
— Applied Standard & Filtration Level: GB2626-2006 KN95
— Mask Colors May Vary Slightly From Photo

— CLEVAIR Purifier Unit
— 3 Reusable, Interchangeable Masks (1 Black, 1 White, 1 Denim)
— Charging Cable
— User Manual

Care Instructions: Hand wash and air dry. It is recommended to wash at least every 30 hours of use or so depending on the environment.

Please Note: While protective equipment can help reduce the spread of germs, no mask or other product is capable of protecting you 100% against any dangerous substance or virus. We cannot and expressly do not guarantee that masks or other products will completely protect against or prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Are the masks machine wash or hand wash?

The masks are hand washable and would need to air dry.

Do you need to buy replacement filters for the CLVEAIR purifier unit?

There is no need to replace any filter.

Is the air that is being exhaled also being cleaned and it exits the mask?

Yes, when exhaling the air travels through the filter and then the UV-C light.

Is this a true NIOSH rated N95 and will filter mold spores?

We currently have 2 out of 3 of our Niosh tests completed. Our mask is rated 99.5 but we can't officially call it N99.5 until all 3 of our tests are complete.

We have all of our current certificates on our website and will continue to upload more certs as we receive them on our website.

This link will lead you to all of our current certs on our website.

Are there plans to get the mask FDA or NIOSH-certified?

Yes, we have submitted for and are currently waiting for our FDA, 510k, and NIOSH approvals.

How does this compare to the N95 mask protection?

The N95 only is 95% efficient and has 5 layers of protection.
Our mask is 99.5% efficient and has 6 layers of protection as well as the device with UV-C sterilization technology.

Can you wear it without the white/UV filtration system that attaches? Is it just a normal mask at that point?

No, you must attach the device to the mask as there is a hole in the mask where the device should be attached.

How do I choose the denim color?

Each box comes with a black, white, and denim mask included. Also included are 1 device and 1 charging cable.

With the UV unit turned off (while attached to the mask), do you still get effective filtration?

Yes, you will still get filtration but if the UV light is off then the fan is off as well as they are connected to the same button. We recommend always charging your device and keeping it running while wearing the mask for the most protection.

Is the fan loud? Is it possible to be heard and also hear others while fan is running?

The fan is whisper quiet. You might hear it slightly but it won't make an impact on hearing.

How long does the battery last?

On a full charge, the battery will run about 5-6 hours.

Are these approved to be used in airports?

The has not yet been approved for air travel but we are working on educating the airlines on our mask. Some will allow you to wear the mask if you have another mask covering it. Please consult with your airline.

Do glasses fog up when wearing this mask?

If you wear glasses you will be happy to know that our mask is anti-fog and will never fog your glasses.

Can you order the purification units separate from masks?

Eventually you will be able to order extra devices but we do not offer that at this time.

How long do your purification units last for and are there any guarantees on for life for the unit?

We have a 1 year warranty on our device.

Do both incoming air and outgoing CO2 pass through the same fan?

Incoming air passes through the mask which is 99.5% filtered and is exhaled through the fan which passes through the UV-C light.

How do you clean the UV part?

You can wipe the outside of the device with a disinfectant wipe but there
is no need to open the device to clean inside. The device is sealed and
opening the device will void the warranty.

How long dose it take to charge and what kind of charger is it (usb micro or c )?

It takes around an hour to fully charge and you will get around 5-6 hours of use on a full charge. The charging cable is a usb-c.

Can I run in this mask without the pressure drop & fabric “suck in” that I get with fabric masks?

This mask is pretty durable and will hold up during a run or workout. Of course, when you start to sweat the mask will hold the moisture as it is made of fabrics. It is recommended to be hand washed and air dried after a workout.

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